Plan 1 week

You schedule a call to go through your needs and the technical application of your required component.
Based on the technical requirements and target cost, we decide on 3 things:
a) base metal
b) finishing technique
c) finishing metal tone
We quote you for Design Service (if needed) and estimated cost for Sample Making.
Once you give us the go ahead, we produce a Sketch or 3D model for review.
You give us your feedback and we make the all necessary tweaks and changes, until you are happy with the design.
You will receive a beautifully rendered photo-realistic 3D model of your design.
At this stage, we can also 3D print your component, if you would like us to!

Sample Making

Plan 3 to 5 weeks

We take the 3D model to the factory and quote you for Sample Making and Bulk Production price-per-unit.
We produce a detailed production spec. for your approval.
Once you give us to go ahead, custom tooling and molds are produced, which are unique to every component. These tools will be used to make the samples samples and will also be required later for Bulk Production.
Samples are then produced in the desired finishes and metal tones, designated a Product Code and delivered to your preferred destination.

Bulk Production

Plan 3 to 5 weeks

After receiving your Bulk Production order via email, we review and confirm your order, and advise estimated lead time.
Upon receipt of a deposit payment, production starts.
After a few weeks, production finishes, goes through our quality control, is packaged up, weighed and measured.
Upon receipt of the balance of the order, it is shipped to your preferred destination.